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Folk Band

Folk Band, Folk, music, Lothian, Edinburgh

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About the Band

We are a Lothian based folk music band comprising three members: 

Donald Gorman (above left) is a highly rated Edinburgh-based fiddle player specialising in traditional Scottish music. Donald also plays mandola and mandolin and adds accompanying vocals.

Laurie Brett (centre) is lead singer for the band and is a fine guitar player from Essex, although having been in Scotland since 1979 he is considered by some to be an adopted Scot! Laurie also occasionally plays whistle.

Andrew Macintyre (right) is a familiar figure on the Edinburgh folk session scene and a teacher of small pipes and highland pipes. In the band he plays Scottish small pipes and various whistles as well as providing vocals.

House Gig, Friday 24th November

9 Glenlockhart Valley,

Edinburgh EH14 1DE

contact Trevor on ‭0131 443 1278‬ or


We are currently looking for more gigs in 2023 or 2024

updated 24 October 2023